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Notre Savoir Faire

Oyster farmers, or “sea gardeners" as they are known here, start their farming as soon as they receive the oyster spats.

Aged 4 – 6 months, these oysters are placed in pockets by the 1000 and put on “oyster tables”, installed in compounds in the sea. After 6 months, having grow  they are put into pockets in groups of 500, and then after a year, into groups of 180.

All year round, to the rhythm of the tides and with water up to their thighs, the oyster farmers put up the pockets, attach them, turn them over... heavy work but also one that requires gentle care to avoid the oysters sticking to one another and causing imperfections in the shell development. Three years of work is required to produce an oyster of really high quality.

Photo elevage

Sélection et contrôle
Photo selection et controle

The oysters are then washed, sorted according to size and then plunged into pools of oxygenated sea water that is kept at a temperature from between 6 and 8°C for a period of 8 days in order to remove any possible silt particles that have stuck from winter storms. Once this final phase has been completed, the oysters are ready to eat.

In order to ensure that chefs of the best establishments all over the world only receive products that are absolutely perfect, every week the Parcs Saint Kerber ensure a viral analysis of a batch of oysters is carried out. The analysis is performed by Professor C.H Von Bonsdorff at the University of Helsinki.   

Conditionnement et Transport

Another phase follows of sorting and final checking, oyster by oyster, and by “knocking” them together to test the freshness and quality.

The oysters are then carefully placed in their packaging and re-covered with algae, which keeps them fresh and ensures better preservation. A label is placed on each basket with a specific health number that refers to each farm, as well as the date of packaging.
Finally, the oysters are ready for their journey, which is completed on the same day.

In order to guarantee perfect freshness for all our products, deliveries in Europe are made by refrigerated lorries. For air transport, our products are put in isothermal containers and delivered to the majority of destinations around the world within 48 hours.

Photo conditionnement et transport

Suivi Client
Photo suivi client

François-Joseph Pichot and Stéphan Alleaume also like to show clients round Parcs Saint Kerber so that they can appreciate the specific detail of all the products available, see the care and attention involved at each stage of development as well as the preparation for dispatch and the modes of transport used.

The invaluable sales teams are in daily contact with their clients across the world and are in charge of daily reports on the condition and availability of the products.  Always keen to share their passion for oysters, the two managers of the Parcs Saint Kerber also travel to attend international trade shows, and visit the kitchens of some of the world’s greatest chefs. 

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