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By remaining strictly faithful to their history and traditions but also embracing new technology and developments, the Parcs Saint Kerber are able to provide an outstanding level of expertise and savoir-faire to all of their products on a daily basis.

Their traditional methods are used alongside modern technology to ensure that each of their customers receive only the best: a high quality seafood.

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Commitment, Environment and Nutritional values
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Having the perfect temperature for the oyster fields, not using thermal shock during the production chain, and a meticulous checking and selection process applied to every single oyster during packaging all go to provide that guarantee of quality that is second-to-none.

Every member of the team is loyal and committed and represents an additional link in keeping the values of the family business alive and well.

The Parcs Saint Kerber are both sensitive and mindful of the eco-systems of the bay of Mont Saint Michel, and to this extent they have put in place a production system that enables them to respect all of the coastal environment.

Rich in vitamins and low in calories, the oyster benefits from some excellent nutritional values.

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It was in 1930 that François Louvet formed the Glacière Cancalaise and then in 1944 went on to found his oyster business in Cancale, which he then continued to develop  together with his wife. Following a growth in the family, his daughter Marie-Anne and her husband Joseph Pichot took over the business in 1968.

Two years later the brand “The Parcs Saint Kerber” was born and the first exports began.

In 1982, the “Viviers d’Amor” was set-up to sell shellfish.

1989 saw the creation of  la ferme marine ( The marine farm ). In 2003, François-Joseph Pichot took over the business with his brother-in-law Stéphan Alleaume.

From here on the produce from “Parcs Saint Kerber” has been enjoyed at some of the best tables in the world.

Francois Louvet, founder of Parcs Saint Kerber and his daughter Marie-Anne Pichot

The Parcs Saint Kerber - Les Parcs Saint Kerber - Family

Family values are rooted in the history of the “Parcs Saint Kerber”. Today, Joseph Pichot has handed over the running of the business to his son and his daughter-in-law.

His daughter Véronique runs the « Ferme Marine » (the Sea Farm), an exhibition area that boasts a wide collection of oysters and shellfish planted by the company and which enables you to visit the farm and understand what oyster farming is all about.

It is yet another sign of their passion and sense of sharing.

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