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Our philosophy and commitment

Saint Kerber offers a range of oysters from Cancale and other areas, each benefiting from the specialised production techniques that appeal to a wide range of palettes, from knowledgeable connoisseurs to lovers of natural products.

Oyster beds - Parcs Saint Kerber

Plate - Belon
The Oysters - Belon Flat oysters of Cancale Parcs Saint Kerber - Mont Saint Michel Bay

The oyster of Cancale 1930 is noted for its taste of iodine as well as its firm flesh, light, nutty flavour and being slightly acidic.

It is much adored by many food lovers, who swear by this oyster and its unique subtlety and finesse.

More information about the Plate Belon 1930

Pied de Cheval

This rare oyster has been named « Pied de Cheval » (horse’s hoof) – because of the way it leaves a trace in the shape of a hoof on the sand – and is a wild and ancient (between 10 and 20 years) oyster.

Farmed at the traditional “Caravane” of Cancale, it has all the characteristics of the oyster from the bay of Mont Saint Michel and the quality of its flesh is outstanding.
It is ideal for those who appreciate  very large oysters.

The Oysters - Flat oyster of Cancale Pied de cheval - Parcs Saint Kerber

Deep oyster from the bay of the Mont saint Michel - Parcs Saint Kerber


Discover the briny flavours of the bay of Mont Saint Michel with this genuine open sea oyster without maturation and storage at seaside. 

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> More information about Fine from Irland


Speciale Saint-Kerber

Due to a brief storage on the foreshore, our emblematic oyster Saint Kerber is recognizable by its typical briny flavour from the bay of Mont Saint Michel. Its flesh is firm and reveals round notes during the tasting.


> More information about Fine Saint Kerber

Spéciale Saint Kerber oysters

Tsarskaya oysters

The Tsars of Russia were avid consumers of oysters, and it was in honour of this fact that in 2004 the “Tsarskaya » oyster was born. Selected straight from the spat this oyster is farmed for 3 to 4 years at the heart of the farm, and is then nurtured in a very specific and careful way. It will delight enthusiasts with its fullness, white flesh and being firm to crunchy.

It is powerful on the palette, pure and with a taste of iodine, and one chew  evokes a taste reminiscent of the best quality Argentinean beef,  crunchy and tender, then releasing a sugary flavour that tastes almost like sweet almonds. The « Tsarskaya » takes time to diffuse all the taste buds, before adding a slight hint of acidity at the end, similar to that touch of tannin in a « Grand cru » wine.

> More information about the Tsarskaya 


“Born from the sea”, is the Gaelic translation of « Muirgen », the name given to this shallow oyster from Ireland, where it benefits from unique eco-systems. It has travelled to Cancale for the last stages of its farming. This oyster appeals to oyster enthusiasts for its sweetness, its beige-coloured flesh that is nestled in a meaty jewel, providing a rare delicacy to the palette.

> More information about the Muirgen

Muirgen oysters from Ireland
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